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For the true luxury connoisseur, there is simply nothing else like SFERRA Giza 45 LUXE. The overall effect is sumptuous, extravagant, and opulent — a pure indulgence.

What Makes Giza 45 Egyptian cotton the best in the world?

Egypt produces what is widely accepted as the world’s finest cotton, due to the richly fertile soils of the Nile Delta. Each individual filament of raw Egyptian cotton—known as a staple fiber—possesses an extra-long length, making it the foremost choice for luxury weavers. Only extra-long staple fibers can be spun into small-diameter yarns, and these finespun yarns ultimately weave the very finest fabrics with a drape and hand that is second to none.

Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, known as “The Queen of Eyptian Cotton”, is a select genus of extra-long staple cotton revered and coveted for its remarkable natural attributes. Giza 45 cotton is regarded as a superior fiber because it is the longest of the extra-long staple fibers; in addition, its fibers uniquely possess outstanding uniformity and fineness.

These three key properties are equally important in the production of high-caliber cotton yarns, but Giza 45 quality attributes go well beyond this powerful trio. It is an exceptionally strong fiber, weaving fabrics with excellent strength and durability. Plus, its annual production output is quite small, making it a rare and highly desirable commodity, so special attention is given to properly cultivate it. This careful tending helps produce a cleaner cotton boll, requiring less processing and refinement during production, maintaining its essential characteristics and integrity. At harvest time, it is meticulously selected and handpicked to capture the very moment of its peak maturity, ensuring a yield of the highest quality grade of Egyptian cotton, the world’s best.

What makes SFERRA Giza 45 LUXE special?

Our most trusted Italian weaver developed a new state-of-the-art method to spin the very finest Giza 45 yarns we have ever woven. These gossamer-fine yarns shuttle through high-speed looms to weave a fabric with a wonderfully lavish weight and denser translucence. LUXE is blessed with an ultra-smooth, silken-like texture bearing the elegant drape, luminous sheen, and simple perfection one might expect from the world’s richest sateen.

Exclusive Retailers Of Luxe

Experiencing LUXE in person allows for a true appreciation of its soft, smooth hand and exquisite detailing. Giza 45 Luxe is available only by Custom Order through these premier Sferra retailers.

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How does SFERRA Giza 45 LUXE feel?

This sateen weave is luminous and sleek, with a denser translucence and a bit more weight.

SFERRA Giza 45 LUXE Details

Made in Italy
100% Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton Sateen

Expertly sewn and precisely tailored with a gracious turn-back on flat sheets, traditional-style flanges on top-of-bed duvet covers and shams, and delicate hemstitch details finishing all cuffs and flanges. Offered in pure, pristine white. Machine washable.

Each purchase includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and each Exclusive Edition sheet set is presented in our signature SFERRA luxury gift box.

Sizing is listed below. Custom sizes also available by special order.

Flat Sheet Dimensions
Queen 96" x 114"
King 114" x 114"
Fitted sheet dimensions
Queen 60" x 80" x 17"
King 78" x 80" x 17"
California King 72" x 84" x 17"
Pillowcase Dimensions
Standard 22" x 33"
King 22" x 42"