interior designer

Todd anthony

Drawing from his New England roots, Todd infuses his work with sophistication and timeless appeal, prioritizing the creation of inviting, cozy environments for his clients. With pets and a young family of his own, Todd understands the importance of blending durability and comfort with style and individuality.

"SFERRA linens absolutely elevate bedroom decor, and, more importantly, make you feel like you are sleeping in a 5-star luxury hotel."

- todd anthony


How do you approach the design process, from ideation to final delivery of the curated interior for your clients?

Starting a new project is always exciting, and the task of getting to know my clients’ personalities, worldviews, and lifestyles is my first order of business. Understanding how they live and work — a family with children, do they have pets, how often they are home — is crucial to making sure that my design is not only aesthetically ideal but also truly livable and enjoyed daily.

I feel most of my focus with clients’ projects is really understanding ultimately what they want — to take note of colors, style, and a general vibe they wish to achieve — and marry it with stylistic, timeless choices that feel both personal and elevated. When you get to introduce a client to luxury goods or lines they are unfamiliar with is one of the benefits of working with a design professional. Leaving a few luxurious and personal surprises for the big reveal is another fun part of my job.


In what ways does your process differ when you are working on a home project versus designing the interior of a yacht?

That is a great question, and there is very little that is similar. Whereas home design is an ever-evolving process to complete, you have to be extremely organized with the delivery of goods ordered from foreign countries and domestic fine furnishing, as well as every single item you purchase must be fitted for custom cabinetry holders. This means every crystal stem glass, every fork, plate, dish, or serving piece is designed to have its own space to secure it for when the yacht is underway. When installing this particular yacht in Asia, we had to manage complicated freight, delivery, and customs/duty hurdles. Managing the correct flow of installation when most pieces have to be bolted/secured into the floors created a unique set of obstacles not ever encountered in a home project.  I did have the luxury of a 9-person crew assisting with ironing the beautiful Sferra pillowcase and linens, steaming the slightest wrinkle out of the cashmere throw to perfection for the ultimate client reveal upon completion. It was a real treat to have not only the assistance but also the perspective of those who would ultimately love and work in the spaces I created. In the end, it was all completed on time for my clients' maiden voyage through the Turkagean and Mediterranean for the Summer.


What are some of your preferred SFERRA collections that you find particularly well-suited for outfitting your clients’ yachts?

I chose to use the Grande Hotel collection in all 7 staterooms, including the VIP and Owners cabins. The subtle stripes of soft platinum, silver, and aqua are a tiny nod to a nautical feel, and the crisp, lightweight coverlets are perfect on a yacht. My client keeps the boat in the Caribbean Sea and will be heading up the East Coast this summer. The super soft, lightweight summer duvet with a light coverlet is a very luxurious way to sleep in tropical regions.


What advice can you offer regarding cultivating a sense of comfort and serenity within one's living space?

Cultivating a sense of serenity and calm in one’s living space derives mostly from color selection and planning layouts specific to one’s lifestyle. Creating a magazine cover-worthy, showroom-style design isn’t a reality and the goal should always be to combine aesthetics with comfort and livability. You want to design the space to be lived in and enjoyed. A soft cashmere throw just arm's length away in the TV room; a sofa that is the right depth for sitting and lounging, placing the perfect lamp on a side table to produce the very best atmosphere; these are all priorities when designing for living while still preserving gorgeous design.


How do you integrate SFERRA linens into your design concepts, and how do they bring your design to life?

There are many luxury linen choices in today’s market, but very few perform and hold up like Sferra linens. When decorating with SFERRA, they are literally the final touch. They absolutely elevate bedroom decor and, more importantly, make you feel like you are sleeping in a 5-star luxury hotel. The difference between touching natural organic cotton on your skin versus synthetic materials for perceived durability is tangible, and those with the choice will undoubtedly prefer the natural, breathable feel of organic cotton.  Once introduced to this level of comfort and luxury, there is no doubt they will only wish to sleep in SFERRA fine linens.