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Sugahara High Ball Glass (Set of 2)


With classic yet stately silhouettes, luxurious heft and the unique colors, this handcrafted Duo collection has been one of the best-selling collections of SGHR Sugahara. Their master artisans developed a two layer of glass of differing thickness, that are blended with the fusion line that is perfectly sealed, which makes the glass look like it has water in it even when empty. While keeping a modern look with a sharp straight line, they made the fusing line curved and even added a dimple that looks like a collar of kimono. This tumbler is perfect for water, juice or cocktails.


The High Ball Glasses come in sets of 2.

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Sugahara glasses are not heat resistant. Do not subject glass ware to extreme or sudden temperature changes such as boiling water and rapid cooling. Sugahara glassware is not intended for use in microwave ovens. Hand washing is the preferred method for washing glassware. Wash with a neutral detergent. Wipe dry with a soft cloth Do not use abrasive sponges, abrasive cleansers or metal scrubbing brushes which may damage the glass.

(SET OF 2)
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