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Scott Wood



"I've always been drawn to the classic simplicity of Sferra's "Sereno" linens. For me, it's about finding the simple luxuries in my day-to-day life. And Sferra's classic percale sheeting is the best way to end (and begin!) my day!"

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Q: The perfect number of pillows?

A: I usually sleep in a full-sized bed with four standard pillows. It gives me enough pillows for support if I’m reading, and the perfect number to ‘build a little nest’ with as I get ready to slumber. In years past, I’ve had everything completely tricked out with three euros, two standard shams, four sleeping pillows, and decorative pillows — lord, it was exhausting. Now, I just want to simplify.

Q: What type of pillows and how many
of each type?

A: I usually have a fairly simple bed setup. Aside from one large decorative pillow, I tend to sleep on four standard-sized pillows. Most likely baffle-quilted feather/down pillows.

Q: Do you change your linens with
the season?

A: My sleeping linens are usually always all white, regardless of the season. The bedding that does tend to get changed the most is any decorative pillows or my night spread.

Q: Top sheet, duvet or both?

A: Both. Our weather in San Francisco is SO notoriously cold, I tend to use my duvet year-round.

Q: Tell the truth, do you iron your linens?

A:I would love to say ‘yes’ to this — and in a perfect world, they would always be ironed before each use. That glorious feeling of getting into a bed of freshly cleaned, ironed sheets is blissful. But, honestly, there have been a few times that the sheets have gone on the bed unironed. I try not to be too hard on myself when that happens.




Q: Percale or Sateen?

A: Frankly, I’m a percale kinda guy. Sateen is just a little too slippery for me to sleep in comfortably.

Q: Tell us about the bedroom you most fondly remember.

A: During the summer of the year 2000, my chamber choir spent a month touring around the south of France. There was a week during which we stayed at a 13th-century chateau near the Dordogne River - and my little bedroom was way up on the third floor — with an expansive view across the vineyards, and the morning sun pouring through the sheers each dawn. It was magical.

Q: Do you read in bed?

A: In the evening, the very best I can get through is about three pages before I nod off to sleep. But, I do love those quiet Sunday mornings — lounging in bed with the New York Times and a warm cup of tea on the bedside table.

Q: Fill in the blank. Every bedroom must have...

A: For me, I need: 1) a tiny bit of light, usually from a gallery light on a painting — complete darkness unnerves me; 2) mountains of feather/down pillows. I tend to ‘nest’ just before going to sleep; 3) fresh air, even in the coldest of winter, there is a tiny crack in my bedroom window; 4) fresh flowers.