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Co-founder and Chief Content Creator of Maximalist Studios

Celebrated for his vision of modern maximalism, stylist Eddie Ross is a master at pulling together disparate elements, such as secondhand treasures and luxury linens, to reimagine beauty and sophistication.

Eddie’s aesthetic—a blend of historical references, colors, textures, and sensorial elements for a richly evocative “living art” experience—is influenced by his training as a chef and work at Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens, and Bravo’s Top Design.

It is this creative spirit that shines through in the grand holiday tablescape designed for SFERRA. Read on as Eddie shares his tips no hosting with effortless elegance.

“The neutral table linens created a nice canvas for the colorful

flower arrangement and bountiful fruit selection.”

“The neutral table linens created a nice

canvas for the colorful flower arrangement

and bountiful fruit selection.”


SFERRA: Walk us through your creative process and how you utilized SFERRA to create this holiday table.

EDDIE ROSS: I started layering the linens with the Classico tablecloth. Instead of using a round cloth, I chose to use a square cloth—it feels more modern than a traditional skirted round table, and I also like the way it puddles on the floor.

I love the octagonal Classico placemats layered with the hemstitched Festival napkins in the color, Stone. It works really well, especially with the modern 50’s China and gold flatware. The floral centerpiece is the wow factor.

You can easily mix up this classic, monochromatic look by pulling colors from the flower arrangement onto the place setting. Simply change out the SFERRA linen napkins, the candlesticks, and the wine glasses.

S: For this feature, you’ve styled three moments to show how holiday hosting is more than just about the table. Can you tell us more about the buffet and cocktail moments? 

E: I used the floral statement to tie all three moments together, pulling out a little bit of color for each setting.

For the buffet, I draped the white Classico runner over a modern take on a Swedish sideboard and pulled the peach hues from the dahlias into the French porcelain. It really makes the moment pop, feel crisp and modern at the same time.

It’s an unusual color palette for fall, but the fruit and my vintage Turkey dish add an autumnal touch. It’s not overwhelming and I think it’s very happy

As for the cocktail moment, I pulled lots of color from the floral arrangement and worked with seasonal elements for a festive experience. I made a spicy Paloma punch, a sour cherry fizz, and a warm rum cider.

One of the best ways to greet your guests is to have a delicious drink ready and waiting for them. It can be something they make themselves or you can have a batch ready to go. All your guests have to do is pour. Regardless, the seasonal element is key!

S: When styling a table for the holidays, what are your do’s and dont’s?              

E: Keep décor low and high. With a centerpiece this grand, you’re going to want to have it raised high enough so that you can still make some eye contact across the table.

Have candlelight and good music. Candlelight is very easy on the eyes, easy on the face—and easy on the eyes for other people to look at your face. It adds that beautiful glow—but don’t use scented candles at the dinner table!                        

Set your table a couple days before the gathering. This is key to preparation because it allows the wrinkles from the linen to soften and dissipate with the weight of the fabric. You can also spritz the cloth with water and smooth it by hand for a nice crisp line.                          

Don’t set a table with China just because it looks pretty, make sure it has a purpose. If you don’t need the spoons and extra plates, remove them.

My worst nightmare is running out of things at a party, so I always overestimate when buying food and drinks. And don’t forget to decant drinks into your own serving pieces.

Entertain because you like it, but keep in mind you do not have to make everything from scratch. The holidays are meant to be fun and joyful!