Interior Designer

Acclaimed interior designer, Marie Flanigan, has made a name for herself over the past decade for her intuition and skill in crafting elegant minimal interiors. Trained as an architect, her unique ability to assess structural elements with style has garnered her firm a multitude of awards and praise, including features in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Vogue, and Domino.
For enthusiasts like us who can't get enough of Marie's expert take on design and lifestyle, discover her well-curated blog— a digital library of design guides, interviews with other design industry professionals, and of course, plenty of inspiration including her recent master bedroom refresh featuring SFERRA Fine Linens.
Read about how she redesigned her bedroom into a restful, neutral — but not boring, retreat with SFERRA's best-selling modern classics. In the meantime, we're delighted to share an exclusive interview with Marie below.

"Masculine meets feminine, raw meets refined, dark meets light; these beautiful and unexpected unions serve as the foundation of any perfectly balanced design."

SFERRA: You initially began your career in architecture. How has that background informed your design philosophy?
MARIE FLANIGAN: My knowledge of architecture influences my approach to the design of every home I touch. The quality of any space is the sum of the whole and great interiors do not rely on furnishings or drapery alone; but rather, on how well the architecture of the space and the interior design elements speak to one another.
S: When you are conceptualizing a room, such as the bedroom, what is the first step in your design process?
M: I always begin by defining my client’s passions and interests, paying close attention to how their family functions within the space. Then we move into the more technical side where I draft detailed drawings, outlining important structural elements that will serve as the room’s foundation. Finally, we get to “paint the palette,” pulling in color, texture, and furnishings that bring the room to life!
S: When it comes to choosing bedding, what are some must-haves that you look for, whether it’s quality or design?
M: Whether it’s for my clients or my personal home, quality always comes first. If linens don’t boast comfort and durability, it doesn’t matter what they look or feel like because they won’t last. As for style, neutral is my go-to bedding vibe, and I adore heirloom-quality, white linens for their crisp, timeless look. We spend a third of our lives in sleep mode, so consider luxury bedding a worthwhile investment!
S: What are some of your favorite interior design trends at the moment? And when it comes to classics, what can you not live without?
M: I’m drawn to simplicity and subtle, texture-rich palettes, so I’ve really enjoyed the latest return to minimalism. It’s all about clean lines and the perfect edit – stop adding things to accomplish your dream look, and start taking things away.
The best part about simplifying the design story is that your most unique treasures have the opportunity to shine! As for classics I can’t live without, it’s got to be lighting. Although styles and finishes may change, a strong lighting plan filled with the highest quality fixtures is my favorite way to usher life into a home.
S: What kind of dynamics do you like to play with when designing a room?
M: Gimme’ all the dynamics! Playing with juxtaposition in color, texture, and form is one of the most exciting things we do as designers. Masculine meets feminine, raw meets refined, dark meets light; these beautiful and unexpected unions serve as the foundation of any perfectly balanced design.
S: We noticed that you recently welcomed a new addition to your family, congratulations! What is your approach to creating a cozy and warm environment for spending time together?
M: Thank you – our little girl is an absolute joy! Many of my clients have small children and it’s all about stress-free luxury. We want our homes to feel sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy, yet comfortable enough for children and for real, everyday living. That’s where luxurious, stain-resistant fabrics come in. They make it easy to layer up on warmth for story time snuggles while simultaneously standing up to sticky fingers! Then, go wild with items that are easily washed or dry cleaned, like intricate pillows and soft, cozy throws.

Explore the modern classics in rich neutrals behind Marie's master bedroom refresh.